Graphic Installations to Draw Attention to Your Brand

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Drive by just about any business, and you’ll see lots of windows – front windows, side windows, and windows on doors. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, making them the perfect canvas for your advertising and marketing. While wraps on vehicles are great for mobile advertising, graphic installations on windows get more attention.

The people who walk or drive by your window graphic installations typically live in the area or are going to and from work — likely taking the same daily route by your windows. These factors make them more likely to be potential or current customers.

Stand Out From the Crowd

mall collateral by Seamless Wraps

Graphic installations break outside the norms of regular signage by being more interactive and fun. Successful graphics installations begin with the artwork layout. Combined with an eye-catching design and the right material choices, your windows will portray a powerful image. Often this means less is more. Make your brand and messaging come to life with graphic installations. 

Boost Your Brand

Taking advantage of the available free space your windows provide is a smart marketing strategy. Window graphics provided by creative and dedicated companies work with your space and brand to highlight their best features and unique attributes. The graphic installations that boost your brand and help attract more customers are sometimes those that follow the motto “less is more”. 

And of course, regularly changing your graphic installations helps create buzz and conversations about your brand, creating lasting impressions. Graphic installations create a more significant branding impact by mixing up your marketing and visual branding.

Seamless Wraps provides a warranty for all of our work, so your graphic installations always look vibrant and new. Contact us today to learn how we can take your next project to the next level. 

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