Retail Mall Marketing Signs and Graphics

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When you think about the mall, you think about the loud, bright signs in the stores that attract you to go inside, but while signs are a way to encourage you to come in, they aren’t all created equally.

So, how do you stand out and brand your business in a busy mall setting? Where do you place your marketing and branding? The most overlooked part of any retail store is the signage. A great way to attract customers to your business is by using signs that are eye-catching, informative, and helpful. Signage can help define what the store is about and what services it offers. It can even help set the tone for the store.

Seamless Wraps understands the right installations and sites in retail shopping centers and malls. Our process for mall marketing involves working with you to bring your vision to life, while providing you with our expertise on what makes mall graphics and retail graphics attract new customers.

full window wraps by Seamless Wraps
Use seamless wraps on the outside of your business to make your shop pop.

Mall Marketing Goals

The food and retail industries are awash in signs, banners, and displays. From eye-catching logos to magnets to giant banner displays, the focus is on attracting shoppers to stores and restaurants. But signs can be a form of digital signage without a word of text, offering up valuable real estate in our high-tech era. And that’s where graphics come in.

The signs in the mall are the best advertising place for most businesses. They provide a huge opportunity for businesses to reach a huge audience.

Other goals include creating interesting, classy, attractive graphic installations to draw attention to your shop. Mall graphics should highlight little details about your store, in addition to information that will attract customers, such as “free Wi-Fi”, sales signs, and coming soon teasers.

Contact us at Seamless Wraps to learn more about retail marketing ideas.

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